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CeMAP® 1 is regarded as the toughest of all three modules and as such special attention needs to be given to it.

If you are re-taking CeMAP® 1 only then this is the best option for you. In this course you will cover unit 1 and 2. Our CeMAP® 1 training course provides in-depth training across the whole syllabus, focusing on the learning outcomes necessary to achieve examination success.


CeMAP®1 – UK Financial Regulation

Unit 1: Introduction to Financial Services Environment and Products

Section 1: The UK financial services industry
Section 2: Financial Assets
Section 3: Financial Products
Section 4: The financial planning and advice process
Section 5: The main areas of financial advice
Section 6: Basic legal concepts relevant to financial services

Unit 2: UK Financial Services and Regulation

Section 1: The Financial Services Authority
Section 2: Money laundering
Section 3: Complaints and compensation
Section 4: Data protection
Section 5: Other laws and regulations relevant to advising clients

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